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Is your company looking for assurance? Are you looking for peace of mind? Are you looking to meet the prescribed OH & S regulations? Then get your electric appliances tested and tagged to ensure that you meet your duty of care 24 hours 7 days a week.



Why Test and Tag?

If you are an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure that employees and visitors to your workplace are safe from injury and risk to health. Under the OHS Act, AS/NZS 3760:2003, every business is required to maintain all electrical equipment and appliances to a safe standard. This means that all ‘plug-in’ type equipment must be regularly safety inspected, tested and maintained.

About 24x7 Test and Tag

  • 24x7 Test and Tag is fully insured and has public liability insurance to the value of $10 million.
  • All our technicians have proficient understanding of the OH&S Standards and is described as a "competent person” as defined by Australian standards.
  • Each technician uses the latest technology to ensure accurate documentation and test results.
  • All technicians are professional, trained, experienced, effective communicators and efficient.

Our Commitment

Our company 24x7 Test and Tag is dedicated to providing you with the best service at the most competitive prices. By implementing 24x7 Test and Tag, in your workplace you will:

  • Meet state OH & S Regulation.
  • Ensure the personal safety of your employees/visitors using electrical equipment.
  • Reduce excessive equipment downtime.
  • Apply a systematic risk management assessment.
  • Implement a range of control measures including: routine visual checks, regular inspection, maintenance, minor repairs, replacement, use of residual current devices (RCDs) and testing of identified electrical equipment.
  • Be notified when re-testing is required
  • Manage your ongoing inspection and testing program to ensure compliance with regulations.

Contact Information

Name: John-Paul Avila

Telephone : 0419 439 449

Postal address: 54 Ambleside Drive Castle Hill 2154

Email: info@24x7testandtag.com.au


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